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Thanks for inquiring our services. We are undertaking all the PC hardware repairs. We have been serving to our customers since 2000. We are proud to say that we have highly satisfied returning customers as of our utmost endurance for keep high quality services and products.


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    • Our stability in the field of IT for 16 Years prove the expertise in repair of Laptops / Desktops / Printers / Plotters / UPS / PLC Circuits / Security Alarm Systems etc. – Free Inspection & Estimation.
    • All our repairs are covered with 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.
    • We cater even after the warranty period with utmost welcome attitude as we strongly believe the returning customers are our assets.
    • We take maximum effort with all our expertise in the field to give a reliable and efficient service to our Customers.
    • We do onsite trouble shooting services for Office .
    • All Kind of Network Solutions including Server Machines / Firewalls ( Windows & Linux OS ).
    • AntiVirus / Internet Security Solutions for any size of network and Individuals.


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Laptop Repairs Sri Lanka ,Laptop Repairs

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